About Rodney Allgood

    Rodney Allgood grew up on the islands of Hawaii, as the son of a military man who found paradise and refused to leave it. Blessed to have always had an entrepreneurial mind, Rodney started his first business at the age of 22, and with 600.00 in the bank. Rodney grew that business to over 7 figures before the age of 30, by using the techniques of visualization, affirmations and positive thinking.
    Like many people in America, took a hard fall in 2008, with the economy going to a recession and going through a divorce at the same time, Rodney had to choose to get bitter or get better, he chose the latter, he was forced to re-build his life one brick at a time. Today Rodney Allgood speaks at company conferences and conventions as a keynote speaker, teaching audiences the power of having the right mindset to attain the success that we all desire to have.  Rodney has been featured on television, on print and is the former host of the iHeart radio program called "It's All Good!" Rodney is a prime example of the American Dream being available to anyone with the focus, drive and determination to attain what they see in their minds eye.
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