Rodney Allgood & Les Brown


 It's difficult to keep the same passion that we once had as young entrepreneurs  and business men and women. As life goes by and we attain the various goals that we had set for ourselves, we can sometimes become complacent and lose the drive that we once possessed. Added to the fact that life tends to knock everyone down, with a curve ball at one point or another.  An illness we may face or the illness of a loved one, the tragic loss of people close to us, relationship break-ups, or the loss of finances, any of these situations can bring our lives to a screeching halt and cause us to lose our mojo. Rodney inspires your audience to look within and find the one thing that can light a fire under then in this current season of life. Your audience will walk away with a brand new zest for life and what it is they do. As Rodney says, "it's time to step out of the funk and into your legacy!"


"Getting Out of the Funk"

A Talk that Adresses the Following:

  • Why We Lose Our Edge
  • Dealing with Life's Upheavals
  • Coming Back From Loss
  • Finding Your Current "Why"
  • Passionate in Any Season of Life
  • Avoiding Burnout
  • Creating a Legacy

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"I have personally attended one of Rodney's presentations and found the principals that he spoke of the source of information to be credible. His presentation was well thought out and very well communicated. Although there is substantial information on this subject, Rodney was able to communicate it in a concise, understandable fashion. His style of communicating was very well received by the audience. I endorse Rodney and strongly recommend him!"
Gary Schuering
Director of  Sales Training & Development
Cutter Automotive Galleries

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Why companies hire Rodney Allgood

Companies hire Rodney Allgood because of his uncanny ability to break things down to very simplistic ideas. He is able to explain new paradigms and give solutions to problems in a way that the audience can easily digest, understand and put into action. If you have a team that you are trying to get to the next level, Rodney Allgood is your guy!